Edge-Ghost Consistent Viewpoints

No need for a tripod, get the right vantage point every time. Pressure sensing shutter button shows the last photo and edge stencil.

Presentation Mode
Show Your Process

Walk potential customers through example projects, phase by phase. Instantly create trust showing your process with real projects. Show why items cost what and the time to install.

Memo Photos Document Everything

From Preexisting Issues, Damaged Materials, or Final Inspection Punchlists. Easily share with team members or clients.

Time-Lapse Video
Share Everywhere

Create videos covering the entire project timeline or just what changed since the last phase.

Photo Collages
Creative Views of Projects

Creatively stitch together any photos from a project.

Project Share Link
Via SMS Text, Instagram & Facebook

Prospective Customers can scan through, phase by phase, example projects sent to them. During the project, keep clients in the loop with updates at each phase.